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Dear Shareholders,

INTJ Billing experienced an unscheduled outage this afternoon due to a router failure. The router has been rebooted and the platform is back online.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,


CEO INTJ Billing
Dear Shareholders,

The platform was not accessible this morning for approx 2 hours. The router required a reboot to resolve the issue. The cause at this stage is unknown but the platform is back up now and accessible.

Kind Regards,

Dear Pride Shareholders,

The daylight savings issue has now been solved permanently via a custom code update. I have modified the platforms code which calculates the GMT time for the auction ending time to take into account Victorias daylight savings time automatically.

Kind Regards,


CEO INTJ Billing
Dear Shareholders,

The daylight savings issue has been resolved by workaround. The issue was caused by a line of code in the platform where GMT was hard coded and was set to GMT +10 hours. When Victoria cut over to daylight savings GMT became +11 hours. The location of the code has been carefully noted and steps have been put in place to work around the issue when daylight savings changes by updating the code each time. I will add a permanent fix to the code which calculates the current GMT time in Victoria programmatically at some point in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Clarke Towson

CEO INTJ Billing
Dear Shareholders,

Please note that the platform will undergo maintenance within the next week or so. Mat will make an announcement on the Pride Bar Facebook page.

This is to resolve the daylight savings time issue of auctions ending 1 hour early and to resolve some system stability issues. I have within the last 30 minutes logged on to free up RAM and CPU to resolve the system slowness that was experienced today.

The server has been up and serving shareholders for almost 6 months now without a single reboot which is quite an achievement!

Kind Regards,

Clarke Towson
CEO INTJ Billing
Dear Pride shareholders and prospective shareholders,

The latest share auctions have experienced an unexpected technical issue due to the daylight savings cut-over that occurred in Victoria on October 2nd 2022. The time on the platform is correct and the time on the server is correct however there was a discrepancy with the time remaining on the main auction page for each share and the ending soon auctions pages link. This might be because the sellers auctioned the latest round of shares before daylight savings and then when daylight savings occurred on Oct 2nd the platform got confused. This resulted in the share auctions closing 1 hour before they should have on the main auctions pages whilst displaying that there was still 1 hour left in the auctions and then closing at the correct time on the ending soon page. I am looking into the technical reasons as to why this issue occurred and will implement a fix asap. Please note that the issue is not the fault of the buyers or sellers in any way and is likely due to a coding oversight by the platforms developers.

Please note that this issue is also affecting the latest still running share auction. The current seller of the 2 x share auction and any buyers interested in this auction please take note of this.

Kind Regards,

Clarke Towson
CEO INTJ Billing
The platform was down due to an unscheduled power outage by Jemena https://jemena.com.au/ which affected the Spotswood area where the platform is hosted. Whilst INTJ Billings server infrastructure including the platform stayed up due to the main EcoFlow backup battery the smaller Ecoflow battery which kicks in to power the INTJ Billing main router connection to Aussie Broadband has an issue where if the power goes off the unit needs a small switch at the side to be pressed in to ensure power is not disrupted to any connected devices. Due to this issue the INTJ Billing router lost power and the platform was down for approx 3 hours and 15 minutes. Ecoflow will be contacted later today and asked if they can implement a new feature in their next firmware release to ensure the switch comes back on automatically after a power failure so this issue does not crop up again in the future.

Jemena power outage

Power Outage start: 8:00 am Melb time
Power Outage finish: 9:45 am Melb time
Platform inaccessible between: 8:30 am 11:45 am Melb time
Platform back online: 11:45 am Melb time

Please note the share platform platform will be down for a few hours on Wednesday morning due to Aussie Broadband doing some planned maintenance on their network. See email below.
Kind Regards,

Aussie Broadband Network Maintenance
When: Tuesday, 20 September 2022 10:30 pm – Wednesday, 21 September 2022 3:00 am
Description: Dear INTJ Billing,

Please be aware of upcoming maintenance on the Aussie Broadband network. Your services may experience an outage during the following window:

START DATE: Wednesday 21st September 2022 01:30 Hrs AEST

END DATE: Wednesday 21st September 2022 06:00 Hrs AEST


NBN/Opticomm Services Affected:

Traralgon TC2
POI on Wheels
Traralgon (Link 3)
Keysborough TC2
Port Melbourne TC2
Kings Park TC2
Cranbourne (Link 2)
Traralgon (Link 2)
Cranbourne (Link 3)
Wheelers Hill
Werribee (Link 2)
Port Melbourne Depot
Cranbourne (Link 1)
Thornbury (Link 2)
Footscray (Link 3)
St Kilda

AVCs of affected NBN services:


This work is scheduled maintenance to upgrade the BNG you are connected to, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any concerns, please contact our Technical Support team on 1300 880 905.

Aussie Broadband Limited

The share auction platform experienced a brief outage yesterday Sunday 7th August 2022 due to a billing issue with HostPapa INTJ Billing's hosting provider in the USA. The billing issue was quickly resolved and steps put in place to ensure a similar outage doesn't happen again. The cause of the billing fault was related to an account migration from PacificHost to HostPapa a few years ago which created 2 distinct billing accounts as well as an issue with the email address on file which was an old one that was not being actively monitored.
Aussie Broadband have resolved the issue
The platform is experiencing some issues at the moment with email delivery. This is suspected to be due to a problem with Aussie Broadband INTJ Billings broadband supplier. A fault has been logged with Aussie.

Dear Shareholders, hope all are well and keeping warm and healthy!

We write today to provide an update following the closure of the 2022 Financial Year (F22):

The 4 hour emergency battery that powers INTJ Billings computing infrastructure in the event of power failure is now back online. The firmware has been updated on the battery which resolved the issue of the unit being stuck at 0% and not charging.

The reason why this occurred was a setting called “change auction duration when a bid is placed” was ticked in the administrative settings of the auction platform. This changed the duration of the first share auctions shortening them which was unexpected by prospective buyers and sellers. This issue had not been noted by myself during the beta testing I did with trial users last year. I have now disabled this setting so it does not cause the same problem again in future share auctions.

Kind Regards,