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The platform was down due to an unscheduled power outage by Jemena https://jemena.com.au/ which affected the Spotswood area where the platform is hosted. Whilst INTJ Billings server infrastructure including the platform stayed up due to the main EcoFlow backup battery the smaller Ecoflow battery which kicks in to power the INTJ Billing main router connection to Aussie Broadband has an issue where if the power goes off the unit needs a small switch at the side to be pressed in to ensure power is not disrupted to any connected devices. Due to this issue the INTJ Billing router lost power and the platform was down for approx 3 hours and 15 minutes. Ecoflow will be contacted later today and asked if they can implement a new feature in their next firmware release to ensure the switch comes back on automatically after a power failure so this issue does not crop up again in the future.

Jemena power outage

Power Outage start: 8:00 am Melb time
Power Outage finish: 9:45 am Melb time
Platform inaccessible between: 8:30 am 11:45 am Melb time
Platform back online: 11:45 am Melb time

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