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Hi Everyone,

The platform was down for the past 24 minutes approx. This was caused by another brownout and power spike in Spotswood which caused the main connected UPS to alarm, overload and then cut out. The server and associated infrastructure needed to be restarted. This is the second time such an incident has occurred on my infrastructure where a UPS has spiked and alarmed.

Due to the issues identified during the first brownout a new UPS and a line regulator has been purchased and the server is now connected via this new power setup via an Ecoflow Delta battery. This will ensure that future brownouts and overloads should be less common and will not affect the main server. Additional work in the near future will be performed to reroute the switches via this new setup to ensure there is no interruption to services.

The infrastructure has been restarted and the share exchange platform is back online.

Kind Regards,

INTJ Billing Bitcoin Consulting