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Dear Pride shareholders and prospective shareholders,

The latest share auctions have experienced an unexpected technical issue due to the daylight savings cut-over that occurred in Victoria on October 2nd 2022. The time on the platform is correct and the time on the server is correct however there was a discrepancy with the time remaining on the main auction page for each share and the ending soon auctions pages link. This might be because the sellers auctioned the latest round of shares before daylight savings and then when daylight savings occurred on Oct 2nd the platform got confused. This resulted in the share auctions closing 1 hour before they should have on the main auctions pages whilst displaying that there was still 1 hour left in the auctions and then closing at the correct time on the ending soon page. I am looking into the technical reasons as to why this issue occurred and will implement a fix asap. Please note that the issue is not the fault of the buyers or sellers in any way and is likely due to a coding oversight by the platforms developers.

Please note that this issue is also affecting the latest still running share auction. The current seller of the 2 x share auction and any buyers interested in this auction please take note of this.

Kind Regards,

Clarke Towson
CEO INTJ Billing
INTJ Billing Bitcoin Consulting