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The Pride Share Sales Platform (poofshares.com) conducted the first real world sale of shares in Pride Bar today. The financials section of the platform has been updated to reflect today's share sales:

The auction links to the sales are:

The FAQ section of the platform has also been updated to reflect a question asked during the share auction as detailed below.

Why does the share sales platform add 30 minutes to the auction time at the last moments of an auction when there are multiple bidders bidding and one bidder places a bid in the last moments or at the last possible second before a share auction ends?

The share sales platform has an auction sniping prevention feature/setting which adds 30 minutes to the auction countdown timer when a new bid is placed on a share in the last few minutes of an auction. This enables other bidders to have a fair and equitable opportunity to give tough competition to an auction sniper and to prevent the sniper from winning when placing his or her bid at the last possible moment before an auction ends. This is a feature not a bug. The system is operating exactly as intended to prevent auction sniping. The share auction ends once bidders stop bidding and the highest bid remains.

This sniping prevention feature can result in fierce bidding wars that increase the final price beyond expectations.

Kind Regards,

Clarke Towson
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